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July, 2005

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 2)

by: crystalattice July 31, 2005 13:27:52

Last time I covered the basics of running Python programs. Today I'll talk about the types and operators used in Python, as well as the syntax Python uses.

Python is based on the C programming language and is written in C, so much of the format Python uses will be familiar to C and C++ programmers. However, it makes life a little easier because it's not made to be a low-level language (it's difficult to interact heavily with hardware or perform memory allocation) and it has built-in "garbage collection" (it tracks references to objects and automatically removes objects from memory when they are no longer referenced), which allows the programmer to worry more about how the program will work rather than dealing with the computer.

GIDNetwork™ and the Blogs

by: cable_guy_67 July 31, 2005 02:57:09

Hehehe, it sounds like the title to a bad monster movie.

I really like this system as it has been developed (and developing) to give people a cool place to speak their mind. Granted, there may be those of you out there that think I should keep mine a bit more under control, but I listen not to the nay-sayers. I look forward to being here as this system matures. Hopefully it will become a good source for others to find information, or just read for the fun of reading. I do have some points to make about GIDNetwork™ that will hopefully find their way into future versions.

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 1)

by: crystalattice July 27, 2005 12:21:43

Since I'm starting to learn Python programming for my Colonial Marines RPG, I thought I might as well make a tutorial for others while I'm at it. Since I'm a beginner Python programmer, I figured I'd be in a good place to show others how to use the language, my thoughts on it, and what mistakes I've made and learned from.

I have programmed before (C, C++, Java) for college but nothing really serious. I didn't really like the low-level work involved with C/C++ and Java, as my first programming class in school, didn't make any sense. Hopefully Python won't be as bad.

RSS feed implemented at CMRPG

by: crystalattice July 24, 2005 15:32:00

I've finally gotten settled in Hawaii and the Navy has moved me from 12 hour days to 8 hour days. Yayy! This means I now have time to devote to the Colonial Marines RPG web site, plus a few other projects I'm thinking about.

I just put up an RSS feed for the CMRPG site, with the intention of using it to let interested people know when I've made updates to the site. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to keep track of the project, rather than checking the site every so often.

Who likes to get a line wet?

by: cable_guy_67 July 2, 2005 22:03:14

On Father's day I went out and did a little pond fishing. It is a privately owned pond and the owners are more than happy for the help it getting some of the fish out of it. Just goes to show what stopping and talking to people can get you. Now I have a little place about 10 minutes or so from my house that I can stop at whenever I like.

Granted, pond fishing gives a smaller yield (at least until the herd is thinned) but they tend toward violent agression. Show me a fresh water fisherman that doesn't like to catch smallmouth bass and I'll show you a saltwater fisherman. :wink:

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