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June, 2005

Derived FLTK Classes

by: cable_guy_67 June 27, 2005 11:07:49

A FLTK Phone Book UI

I have been playing with some ideas to compartmentalize my FLTK applications and a member at GIDForums asked about how to extend your own widget classes. So I, in my over the top way, designed a UI that will work with a infinite array Phone Book I wrote. The PBook is not implemented yet but the UI is designed. All that is left is to create the remaining callbacks and interface it with the PBook class.

New payment service from Google?

by: JdS June 18, 2005 23:37:15

When I browsed through my Google Alerts today, I was pleasantly surprised to find links to various "breaking news" articles about Google reportedly planning to start an electronic payment system sometime this year.

If it's true, this is the best piece of news for me this year. I always knew that this would be something they (Google) would definitely get into -- I mean why not? With a brand name like Google and a cult-like following among webmasters, Google doesn't need much effort to entice anyone to at least give such a service a try.

CMRPG update: new weapons and armor info

by: crystalattice June 17, 2005 19:50:20

Well, I've finally arrived in Hawaii and I'm still getting settled in. Hopefully I should have my house back together by the end of the month, though I won't have Internet access until the first part of July.

In the last few weeks, I've written more info on the background of the small arms and armor used by the Colonial Marines, using the Colonial Marines Sourcebook as a reference. I've covered the Pulse Rifle, Smartgun, Flamethrower, grenades, et al. I hope it helps later during the actual gameplay and hope it makes some of the game design easier.

Submit your web site to GIDNetwork

by: admin June 16, 2005 20:23:55

Some of you may already know this; if you are a GIDForums member, you can use the same username and password to log into (and every new web site that I will develop in the future).

I now have plans to offer convenient web site promotion features from within my network of sites. If you are already a member of GIDForums and you are also a webmaster, you can now log into your Member's Control Panel here and submit your web site(s).

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