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August, 2005

PHP function to ping Google Sitemaps

by: admin August 29, 2005 23:37:26

Now that I have completed writing the custom PHP script that generates the Google sitemaps for GIDForums, I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the functions that were included in the script.

One of the most useful, I think, is the pingGoogleSitemaps() function below. All it does is ping Google Sitemaps to let them know that your sitemap (or sitemap index) file has recently been updated. Just in case you need more information about submitting your sitemaps, you can read about it here: Submitting your Google Sitemaps.

Conversion: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal

by: WaltP August 28, 2005 10:14:14

To Convert Or Not To Convert. That is the Question.

One of the big questions I see on GIDForums is, How do I convert decimal to hex? Once you understand the difference between the computer's use of binary, decimal, and hexadecimal you'll understand why the question as asked is a non-question. It's like asking the difference between ice and frozen water.

Pausing a Program

by: WaltP August 24, 2005 10:23:45

Many new programmers that use an IDE have problems when they run their program and a window opens and closes quickly. The problem is the IDE launches the program and the program runs in a console window. This window opens, the program runs and the window closes because it's no longer needed.

The question is How can I see the results?.

What are Google Sitemaps good for?

by: admin August 23, 2005 07:19:26

There are some immediate, and obvious advantages for a webmaster to create and submit a Google Sitemap.

The most obvious of course, is that now you get to tell Google exactly where all the pages you want it to index, are!

Piping and Redirection

by: WaltP August 23, 2005 06:57:45

There are three predefined devices:

stdin -- standard input

Colonial Marines RPG has moved!

by: crystalattice August 19, 2005 14:19:53

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally taken the Colonial Marines RPG commercial. I bought a domain name and have a new host. The new location for the CMRPG is

I've attempted to move all the information from the original forums to my new host (located at If you notice any problems with the new forum, please let me know.

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 3)

by: crystalattice August 16, 2005 17:51:29

Sorry it's been so long since the last Python installment. The Navy has me signed up for a leadership course and I had to knock out 8 lessons prior to actually taking the class. I've also been making some changes to the game site that I hope to have complete within the next few weeks. But, onto the lesson...

Strings in Python

Programming Techniques

by: WaltP August 13, 2005 17:47:40

Last week I wanted a program that would give me the length of time a .wav file would play without actually playing the file. So I wrote a program to calculate the length of the track based upon the file size. I used various techniques within the program that I thought would be useful as a guide on how to do some standard procedures.

I'll go through the program and point out how to:

Formatting C / C++ code

by: WaltP August 11, 2005 21:01:24

To help understand the flow of your C/C++ code, whitespace (spaces, tabs, new lines) are all ignored by the compiler, which means you can scatter this whitespace all over your code and make it readable by everyone. This is especially helpful when asking for help on forums. Very few want to read code that has no formatting. It makes the code hard to understand. Also, lack of formatting make some errors nearly invisibe, like mismatched braces, parentheses, and so on.

For example, everyone knows the "Hello World" program. This is a legal form of the program:

Ctrl + Alt + Del

by: LuciWiz August 7, 2005 21:41:22

We just got this new oscilloscope at work. Naturally, we all gathered around to test drive it.

It lit up like a Christmas tree, and so did our faces when we found ourselves glazing at the Windows Desktop! All but making that familiar Windows startup sound (rumors say you can hear Devil's words when played backwards, but those are just rumors). Wow! was on everyone's lips.

Changing Client Side Memory Values Using TSearch

by: Zorachus August 6, 2005 11:07:57

A short introduction

Though most people who will be reading this have programming experience and will therefore understand most things covered in this tutorial fairly easily, I will briefly describe first exactly what we will be doing and what it means.

Porting code from C++ to PHP

by: cable_guy_67 August 3, 2005 10:56:10

Chapter Two : Random Dispersion Array PHP

Now that there is some working (C++) code that shows how to create a random dispersion array it is time to make the crossing. Perhaps this was how the explorers felt when sailing into the unknown. They knew how to sail, but didn't know what was in store for them over the horizon. Well, even if they didn't, it's sure how I felt.

A Random Dispersion Array - C++ console

by: cable_guy_67 August 2, 2005 14:01:43

Chapter One : Using GNU g++, bash and UPX to compile

This is a rehash of some code I had posted at GIDForums™ with some explanations to the functioning of it all. It is a simple console application that I compile with g++ using the command line,

From C++ to PHP

by: cable_guy_67 August 2, 2005 01:32:23

Ok, here I go again on a journey started because of a post on GIDForums™. The purpose of this document will be to track my path from a simple C++ console application to a C++ class extention for PHP.

I wrote the console application after reading a request for a better way to handle rotating individual (AdSense) publisher ids in a random and fairly weighted way. The code itself isn't exactly groundbreaking, but my long term goals may come in handy to someone else. Since there is this great way to speak to the world (or at least one or two people) I once again sit down with a notebook at my side and piles of code in my editor.

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