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RSS feed implemented at CMRPG

by: crystalattice - Jul 24, 2005

I've finally gotten settled in Hawaii and the Navy has moved me from 12 hour days to 8 hour days. Yayy! This means I now have time to devote to the Colonial Marines RPG web site, plus a few other projects I'm thinking about.

I just put up an RSS feed for the CMRPG site, with the intention of using it to let interested people know when I've made updates to the site. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to keep track of the project, rather than checking the site every so often.

Regarding upcoming additions to the game, I plan on adding info regarding vehicles, specifically the APC and dropship from the movie "Aliens". I will also flesh out the game mechanics section further.

I've found an open-source RPG creator that's written in Python, so I'm currently working on learning Python so I can see if it will be useful for CMRPG. Depending on how well it works, I'll probably just expand on it for the game.

One of the first Python projects I'm going to work on is the character generation sheet. That way everyone will be able to toy with it and make comments on it, and some ideas may carry over to the game mechanics. I figure it's a small enough project that any interested in learning Python should be able to use it and tweak it. Since Python has several GUI bindings, I plan on making a text-mode version first (to make sure the "engine" works) then carry it over to one of the GUI builders.

If anyone has any suggestions or addtional thoughts, please let me know.

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« Who likes to get a line wet? Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 1) »


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