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May, 2005

Get the date / time difference with PHP

by: admin May 31, 2005 20:57:06

How do I calculate the difference between 2 time or date values with PHP? This was a question posed by justinhn, a member of GIDForums, today.

It seems like a really popular question, I was so sure there would already be something ready-made out there. Searching the WWW with my favourite search engine, I was a bit surprised that it was clearly not the case -- okay, there were some example codes that do calculate the difference in time values, but they were not quite what I was hoping to find.

Setting the "no_adsense_for_me" cookie

by: JdS May 27, 2005 19:17:13

As soon as I finished writing the custom PHP functions for generating my AdSense javascript codes dynamically, I had to create a new and secret web page where only I could access it. This secret web page will allow me to set the "no_adsense_for_me" cookie easily.

Of course, I am not going to tell you where it is on this or on my other web sites :P

AdSense ad_client id dynamically

by: JdS May 27, 2005 19:10:47

Since posting AdSense, now you can click them on your site, the 2 custom PHP functions I wrote initially, turned into a few more than just the 2 as I tested and refined each, over the last few days.

Still, these functions allow me (the webmaster) to view AdSense ads on my websites with the google_ad_client id set to "ca-test", simply based on a special cookie that I set for myself.

Windows XP64 Professional

by: dsmith May 19, 2005 23:18:07

I just starting playing around with Windows XP64 and I thought that I would make a thread to discuss it with others that may be using it and a place to put some links.

XP64 - What is it & Why Bother?

AdSense, now you can click them on your site

by: JdS May 18, 2005 17:02:38

I have been with Google's Google AdSense for Content programme since June 2003, so almost 2 years ago, today. AdSense is a hugely popular & successful programme by the way. One of my pet peeves about the programme however, is that as a web publisher, I may not click on the ads off my own web sites or on those ad units that contain my publisher ID. Which kinda makes sense, I suppose...

I don't know about you, but sometimes, some of these ads really make me curious enough to want to click on them. Like for instance, the time I was considering putting my sites on a dedicated server and I see one of those $49 dedicated server hosting deals and offers that appear once in a while on my web hosting forum pages - it was hard for me to resist clicking on the ad.

Still working on the BBCodes...

by: admin May 10, 2005 09:38:08

I am still working on the bb codes for this web site. I am delayed (right now) writing the image/file upload script because I have never, ever written one before.

Once I complete the module that will handle (image) file uploads to the site, I will proceed to implement the bbcode tag here so a member may easily insert images anywhere within a blog, article or story.

Testing AdSense on a web page - the right way

by: JdS May 7, 2005 09:12:51

When I began testing and designing the layout of the web pages here at, I wanted to preview different AdSense ad units on the various layouts, especially the wider ad formats I have not used anywhere else on my existing web sites.

I was particularly interested in the Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) ad format since it's also one of the few formats through which image ads are also available.

How Does a Credit Card Transaction Get Processed?

by: Corey Bryant May 6, 2005 03:03:58

It all begins when a Cardholder, your customer, presents their credit card to you to pay for the goods or services you are selling. In a retail or “card present” environment, the customer hands you their credit card. In an e-Commerce environment or “card-not-present” environment, the customer presents their credit card to you on the secure checkout page of your online shopping cart. There are 7 steps in the life of a transaction.


BBCode - the [quote] tag

by: JdS May 5, 2005 21:05:06

I spent the last 2 days figuring out how to write PHP codes to process bb code tags. It seemed like an easy thing to do until I actually sat down to write the whole thing.

Sometimes "knowing too much" can be a bad thing - in this particular instance, it really was!

GIDPanel - Member's Area is now open

by: JdS May 4, 2005 10:41:47

You can preview GIDPanel, the GIDNetwork™ Member's Area, here now: I still have tons of stuff to do with it... but I thought I'd make the announcement anyway.

There is a working script for you to test things out already - so... log in and check it out.

GIDLogin almost ready

by: admin May 4, 2005 10:09:50

As you can see, the GIDLogin area is now available on every page (see top right).

If you are a member of GIDForums™, you can now log into this site with the same username and password... Try it!

GIDTemplate ready

by: admin May 4, 2005 10:06:01

After nearly spending a year trying many different things, I finally got the website's template management script working just the way I want it.

The entire template management script is something I wrote myself in PHP using InnoDB tables in MySQL and some text files to cache templates that are used most often.

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