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GIDPanel - Member's Area is now open

by: JdS - May 04, 2005

You can preview GIDPanel, the GIDNetwork™ Member's Area, here now: I still have tons of stuff to do with it... but I thought I'd make the announcement anyway.

There is a working script for you to test things out already - so... log in and check it out.

Over the past one week, I have been working on the review page. This is the page from where "editors" will regularly review a member-submitted blog before publishing the story. It was a bit intense, so it took a bit longer than I thought it would take. I'll explain who these "editors" are in an upcoming post perhaps.

Also, you will notice that every single blog here is now connected to it's corresponding thread on! This is an automated process... i.e. when an Editor reviews and "approves" a blog (to be published), that process will also create a thread on GIDForums on behalf of the author.

I am still amazed that it actually works quite well! It was a lot less complicated than I had imagined. I plan to share this information too, so check back soon if this is something you find interesting. :)

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