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January, 2006

Introducing GIDZipTest... again

by: admin January 12, 2006 16:09:53

Today, I moved the popular gzip test page from to

Prior to the move, I also re-wrote the script, including stuff I had actually written 2 years ago but never got around to actually uploading and commiting those changes!

Multipart Articles on GIDNetwork, Part 2

by: admin January 6, 2006 20:26:15

After creating the database table for the multipart articles, I had to create one custom PHP function that queries the table every time an article page is viewed.

Here at, the article pages have filenames like b-84.html. Don't let that confuse you, it's not really a HTML document, it's just Apache's mod_rewrite module in action. The actual document is simply a PHP script, e.g. article.php and Apache translates b-84.html into article.php?id=84.

Multipart Articles on GIDNetwork

by: admin January 3, 2006 23:01:04

Yesterday I published a script I had written sometime ago, to handle multi-part articles or blogs here at One example of such a multipart article is the series of Python Tutorials written by Crystalattice.

If you follow that link, you will find the links connecting you to the other parts of the tutorial somewhere on the web page i.e.

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