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December, 2005

A basic Bash Script

by: admin December 19, 2005 00:27:18

Today marks the second day since I wrote my first Bash script. Here are some of my notes put together so it may help someone like me in the future, someone who has never written a Bash script before in his/her life!

Basic Bash Script

My first BASH Script.

by: admin December 18, 2005 00:16:46

I have used *nix Bourne Again Shell (BASH) scripts occasionally in the past. Although I know what they are and how to use them, I have never actually written one myself before.

Today, I had a plan to backup all the MySQL databases on this server and writing a BASH script to help me do that easily seemed like a very good idea. I started searching the WWW for BASH shell scripting tutorials bright and early this morning, and within a couple of hours, I had written a script that did the job!

Disabling root SSH logins

by: admin December 10, 2005 23:05:06

My web server was set up just 6 days ago. Within a couple of days, it was already attracting a number of "probes". Casually, I went through the /var/log/messages file. It was amazing... 8O

Everyday, more and more people were attempting to login as root!

Enabling Zend Optimizer with DirectAdmin

by: admin December 5, 2005 20:39:52

I have always used PHP optimizers like Zend Optimizer and even third-party products like Turk MMCache for my web sites.

Previously, all I had to do was make a request to my web host, and everything was installed, set up securely and enabled for my sites. Now, I have to do everything myself... :(

Accessing DirectAdmin Securely

by: admin December 3, 2005 23:16:31

One of the first things I did, as soon as I got my hands on my dedicated server, is to set it up so I can access the DirectAdmin Control Panel securely.

In other words, instead of accessing the page via a regular link like:

A dedicated server for GIDNetwork sites

by: admin December 3, 2005 16:01:03

Soon, I will be moving all GIDNetwork web sites on to a dedicated server. :)

I started on a regular, shared hosting plan, way back in 2001. Within a year or so, I had already worked my way through 2 different web hosting providers until I "met" Scott from sometime in 2002.

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