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Introducing GIDZipTest... again

by: admin - Jan 12, 2006

Today, I moved the popular gzip test page from to

Prior to the move, I also re-wrote the script, including stuff I had actually written 2 years ago but never got around to actually uploading and commiting those changes!

What's Changed?

Previously, if the web page being queried is found to be compressed, the script will make a second request to the server requesting an uncompressed version, to calculate & report the difference. Now, this second request is no longer required. A compressed web page received will be decompressed by the script itself.

Also, GIDZipTest at, could only correctly identify gzip encoded content. With this upgrade, both, deflate and gzip encoded content are correctly identified.

Those are the 2 major changes to the script, besides the move itself, of course.

Thank You

Since 2003, when I first published the http compression testing tool, I have received many emails about it. Thank you for all your kind words, comments, suggestions, critiques and even threats! 8O

All I can say is Thank you for making the effort and Sorry for the delay.

Try it out now

Is http compression enabled for my web pages & site? What about the competition? what are they doing? :wink:

As usual, I welcome your feedback about the tester. Please use the link below if you prefer to do it publically and if you are already a GIDForums member.

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