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A dedicated server for GIDNetwork sites

by: admin - Dec 03, 2005

Soon, I will be moving all GIDNetwork web sites on to a dedicated server. :)

I started on a regular, shared hosting plan, way back in 2001. Within a year or so, I had already worked my way through 2 different web hosting providers until I "met" Scott from sometime in 2002.

He introduced me to the wonders of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and I was immediately hooked. Having root privileges and access to the server was empowering and also a bit scary actually. Fortunately I survived, with a lot of help and hand-holding from Scott.

Today, some 3 years later, that one website has turned into 4, with a few more still under development. GIDNetwork is growing and it's about to grow even larger. I knew I had to get a Dedicated Server...

Searching for a Dedicated Server

Of course, I visited my own web sites / pages first:

  1. Dedicated Server Offers on GIDWebhosts.

  2. Search for [Dedicated Servers] on GIDSearch.

  3. Browse the GIDForums Web Hosting Ads & Offers Forum.

Also, I visited the ever-popular, WebHostingTalk Forums.

Cheap Dedicated Servers

After contacting a few of these hosts, I short-listed 3 of the cheapest dedicated server providers I could find today. All three offered dedicated server leasing plans from as low as $49 a month! Unbelievable but true...

Finally, a couple of days ago, I settled for one -- a not-so-powerful dedicated server from

All three offered a server with the same specifications for the same price but in the end I made my decision to work with for one good reason only. I was actually communicating with a person; I knew his name and he knew mine.

One other provider signed his/her emails like this:


Sales Team
Some Brandname Technologies Inc.

God, I hate that! :x

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