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JSP Power Debugger

by: Paramesh Jul 19, 2008 13:57:00

With Power Debugger, you can save hours of debugging in development and deployment.

Here are the some salient features:

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 12)

by: crystalattice Jul 26, 2007 14:59:03

Getting Classier
The last time we met I told you some of the basics about using Python classes and object-oriented programming. Today we will delve more into classes and see how they make programming life better.

Optimising GIDForums for Search Engines

by: admin Jun 12, 2007 15:15:31

The last time I spent any precious time optimising GIDForums for the search engines was 2003, just after I switched the forum script from phpBB to vbulletin.

Now some 4 years later, it is obvious that some things just don't work anymore, and it's time for some drastic changes, analysing and tweaking the script all over again.

Blended Colours by Opacity, a PHP Function

by: admin Mar 26, 2007 09:54:01

A couple of days ago, I wrote this PHP function to help me find a colour by manipulating opacity levels between 2 colours. I just give the function a foreground colour, a background colour, and a suitable opacity level (for the foreground colour) and have it return a hexadecimal number.

In plain English: if the foreground colour is FFFFFF (white) and the background color is 000000 (black), and the opacity level is set at 50, I would expect the function to return 808080 (grey or gray).

Beginning Python Tutorial (Part 11)

by: crystalattice Mar 24, 2007 14:26:41

Learning Python Classes

The class is the most basic component of object-oriented programming. Previously, you learned how to use functions to make your program do something. Now will move into the big, scary world of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).


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