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Installing Borland's Command Line Compiler

by: WaltP - Oct 09, 2005

I just installed the Borland 5.5 and thought I might as well write up the steps since we periodically get questions about this topic.

First, go to Borland's C++Builder Downloads page and click on compiler. A new window will open and simply answer their questions. You will have to log in or sign-up (it's free).

When you get to the actual download page, click on either the Download ftp or Download http link -- your choice. This will start the download of the 5.5 version of the command line compiler.

While you're at it, back on the main page, click the link for Turbo Debugger too. I don't know what the activation email is about, though. It works fine without. Again click on the ftp or http link.

When the downloads are complete, simply run the downloaded files.
Install freecommandLinetools.exe 1st -- that's the compiler.
Then TurboDebugger.exe to install the debugger.

Assuming you did not change the defaults, you will now have the compiler and debugger loaded into C:\Borland\BCC55

Add to your system path the directory C:\Borland\BCC55\bin. Consult your system's documentation about that -- each system is different.

In the C:\Borland\BCC55\bin directory create two files:

bcc32.cfg contains

Generic Code Example:


ilink32.cfg contains

Generic Code Example:


To use the Debugger all the time, add

Generic Code Example:


to each file.

After you reboot to get the new PATH set up, you should be able to compile. Since this is a C++ compiler, the source extension defaults to .CPP. In other words, to compile TEST.CPP the command

Generic Code Example:

bcc32 TEST

works fine. But to compile the C file TEST.C you must use

Generic Code Example:

bcc32 TEST.C

For this reason (I do mostly C myself) I created a batch file so I can save those two keystrokes. I'm a lazy cuss. I also call it cc.bat -- even fewer keystrokes.

In addition, you may as well download the documentation. On their Documentation Download page, I click on C++Builder 5.0: Enterprise edition. It has the most documentation. All of it isn't valid for the compiler, but I'd rather have too much than too little. UnZip it into the C:\Borland\BCC55\help directory. I've never bothered linking it into the O/S help system. I just get into the directory and open the appropriate .HLP file. The most useful help files for general work are:

  • BCB5ERRS.HLP -- explains your errors so you don't have to post them here

  • BCB5RTL.HLP -- the C Run Time Library. This is where you get info on printf(), strcmp(), time(), and all those other useful functions. Show them C++ bigots power without class[es]

  • BCB5SCL.TOC -- the C++ Standard Library, for vectors, iterators, iostreams, all that C++ fancy stuff. Show them C weanies what
    you can do with a little class [or two]!

Now Go Forth and Compile!

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