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June, 2006

More OOP in Python

by: crystalattice June 23, 2006 10:25:03

Here is another Python module I just finished. I'm learning how to use classes and other Object Oriented Programming (OOP) ideas vs. my old way of thinking using functions. At first it was extremely difficult to think in OO ways; the first time I tried to create a character-creator program I got about halfway before I got confused.

This time it went easier, most likely because I revised what was needed for a basic character and designed for that. Plus, I didn't just try to pull over my procedural-based modules and make it work; I rewrote the code in a more OO way and had many fewer errors this time.

Linux on Dell Precision M90 - Part VII: Peripherals

by: dsmith June 11, 2006 14:47:59

This section of the document describes the setup and basic use of peripheral devices in Linux, including USB devices, SD Card Reader, Express Card Port and a basic overview of printing. This is written specifically for the Dell Precision M90 running Slackware, but could apply generically to about any linux setup.

USB Setup/Use

GUI design in Python

by: crystalattice June 3, 2006 14:21:30

Many times, making a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a program can be a pain. You have to either mess around with Microsoft products (e.g. Visual Studio), you have to find a useful GUI designer (e.g. Qt or FLTK), or you have to figure out how to hand code the GUI.

Python is somewhat unique in that, not only can you use pre-built, cross-platform libraries such as wxGlade, you can also just use Tkinter, the Tk/TCL-based GUI library that comes with every Python language download.

It's My Merchandise and Services, It's My Money, or Is It?

by: Corey Bryant June 3, 2006 00:45:18

Chargebacks hit merchants on a daily basis. Consumers either did not receive their products or they were not happy with the services or products they got, or one that is coming up even more so now, regret. Or maybe it was fraud? From someone using a stolen credit card, to Johnny using his mother's credit card to purchase that new fishing pole.

When applying for a merchant account, the acquirer must consider the credit standing of the merchant. Merchant acquirers will perform a credit analysis, but this analysis is entirely different from asking a bank for a loan.

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